World class vocal and guitar tracks via the Net!

Here's how it works!

1. Send me an mp3 or CD of your songs. Please send the song starting from beat one, bar one, so we won't have any synchronization problems. If this confuses you we can talk on the phone or email and I can walk you through it. I prefer a few of the tracks to be separated from the mix and sent by themselves (lead vocal and the main chord instrument be it piano or guitar.) I prefer this because it gives me the opportunity to hear the mix without the lead vocal, and also to isolate the changes of the song with the chordal instrument. Also, if you know the beats per minute or tempo of the song, send that along as well. If separating these tracks presents a problem, just send a mix of your tune and I'll work with that.

2. We talk directly on the phone, trade audio examples if necessary and discuss exactly what it is that you require artistically and performance wise from me.
3. I record your new background vocals, lead vocals or guitar tracks to your specifications and send you an *mp3 for your approval and to see if you'd like any changes made. For samples check out the listen page.
*PLEASE NOTE: An audio-watermark (small degradation blip) is added to the approval mp3 file.
4. You proof the performance, request any changes and I finalize the tracks.
(NOTE! For your protection, NO payment is required until you have proofed the mp3* and are totally satisfied.)

5. You okay the final product.

6. At this point you provide payment via

Performance credits
are required for
any commercially
released project.
7. Once payment is recieved, the master tracks are then uploaded to

where you can download them anywhere in the world with high speed internet. Alternatively they can be sent by post or special delivery. (If it's background vocals that I'm performing for you ,I recommend sending a mixed version in a stereo format(usually that will be the one you'll want to use).I can also send the individual vocal parts, however mixing background vocals is an art in itself, and I recommend using the mixed version.( Please check out the listen page where I have provided tunes with the vocal parts mixed in the track and then separated the background vocal tracks on that same tune, so you can hear the quality of the work by itself.) The next step is for you to import my tracks into your song from bar one, beat one(just as you sent your tracks to me),and the musical fit will be complete)

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